Add-ons and Accessories

Corner Braces

Corner braces are 2′ or 4′ pieces of U-shaped steel tubing that are attached where the leg meets the bow of the building. Corner braces provide additional reinforcement to the steel structure. Every building comes standard with four corner braces, one at each corner of the building.

You may opt to have additional corner braces installed for extra reinforcement. A 2′ corner brace is recommended on each leg under 8′ in height. If your building has legs higher than 8′, we suggest 4’corner braces.

Walk-in Doors

Walk-in doors are available in one size of 34" x 72" and feature a 9" x 9" window. Your new building can have one door with the option to  add three or four doors also.

Mobile Home Anchors

Mobile home anchors are 30" metal anchors that may be installed in ground only. They provide your building with additional security and wind resistance. Mobile Home anchors are mainly used on certified buildings in order to certify against 90 MPH winds.



Our durable windows are 30"x30" in size, and are framed in heavy duty aluminum. Trim is added around the window on the outside of the building in the color of your choice.

Extra Panels

Extra panels are 3′ wide and are available in lengths of 21′, 26′, and 31′. Panels may be combined to match the length of your building and installed as a partial wall.

Gables Ends

A gable end is a panel that is installed at either end of the building just under the edge of the roof. Gable ends fill the space between the peak of the building and the top of the legs. They provide extra stability and a finished appearance.

Garage Doors

We offer roll-up garage doors in sizes up to 10’x10′. We also offer 12’x10′ and 12’x12′ commercial doors with chains. Larger door sizes are available upon special order.


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