Roof Style

We offer many choices to customize your new steel building, roof styles, custom color selections, additional doors, windows, extra garage doors, and more. For each new carport or building, you’ll have a choice of roof styles and color options.

Roof Styles for Metal Buildings

A-frame Style Roof

A-Frame Style Metal Carport RoofIf you are looking to match the roof style of traditional homes, consider an A-frame roof style. An A-frame, or boxed eve roof style, is an instant upgrade to the look of your steel building. A-frame roofs feature a 1’ overhang to deter snow, rain and debris from collecting in the storage area of your building. This provides an extra measure in protecting your vehicle and stored items.

A-frame buildings come standard with a horizontal roof. They may be upgraded to a vertical roof. Vertical roof panels allow snow, rain, and debris to slide off of your building. This not only makes your building more resistant to the elements, but also requires less maintenance.

Regular Style roof

Regular (Rolled Corner) Style RoofOur Standard Regular Style roof features rolled corners and can be constructed with durable 12 or 14 gauge galvanized steel tubing.

The Regular style roof is available with horizontal roof and side panels only.


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